11. mar. 2013

Thomas Van Quaelle | 16.-17. mars 2013


Laugardaginn 16. mars kl. 14.00 mun belgíski ljósmyndarinn Thomas Van Quealle opna sýninguna Anthology í Populus tremula. Þar mun hann sýna valin verk úr myndröðum frá árunum 2011-2013.

Sýningin verður einnig opin sunnudaginn 17. mars frá kl. 14.00-17.00. 

Aðeins þessi eina helgi.

Um sýninguna segir listamaðurinn sjálfur:
The themes I work on in my photographs are those of a broad spectrum. I have many interests, but the one that stands out is our obsession with ‘designing’. It is hard to see on a daily basis how we build structures in our world to form a sort of dream-like universe. I tend to look at these structures from an outsider’s point of view, through the lens, and by framing them, enlarge the building stones of the theatres that are our urban environments.
As a social landscape photographer I tend to work in series as my work uses typology as a theme.
From series made between 2011-2013 I bring a selection as an anthology to illustrate my work and the underlying concepts driving my body of work. While the individual series can be broken up, the pictures cannot stand on themselves. They are part of the whole.